Black Desert Online – New Eternal Winter Expansion and Nova Class

Black Desert Online - New Eternal Winter Expansion and Nova Class

Black Desert Online has released the Eternal Winter expansion and a new character class. It’s a free-to-play title for a limited time and available on Steam. If you’re interested in playing the game, be sure to add it to your library. To do so, click on the Steam icon for Black Desert Online and follow the instructions.

Nova class

The Nova class in Black Desert Online is the latest addition to the game, and it’s a jack of all trades. With the massive Morningstar and Tower Shield, Nova’s can take down enemies from afar and use magic to summon spirit guards for extra attack power. The changes also add new skill sets and special rewards. For instance, a Nova can now resurrect dead enemies with a special spell.

The Nova class in Black Desert Online is a good choice for people who want to play a paladin archetype. Their powerful shield and deadly morningstar make them perfect for PvE grinding. The skill set is polished and their animations look fantastic. The game’s newest additions are also geared toward those who enjoy PvP.

The game’s developer has released a special promo for this class. Players who reach level 58-60 with Nova can get Gold Bars and Advice of Valks. On top of that, when they beat monsters, The Mysterious Knight will appear at random in hunting grounds, providing Skill EXP buffs. Other in-game events will also offer more rewards.

Aside from its unique set of abilities, the Nova class can use the power of frost in combat. Her special ice skills can add great range to her attacks. She can even use ice as a shield against an enemy’s counterattack. Aside from her strong range, the Nova can also use several ice-charged rush skills to close the distance and get closer to enemies. As a result, the Nova can be a nightmare in PvP and overwhelm enemies with relentless attacks.

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Inexhaustible Potions

This weekend, you can download Black Desert for free! This game is completely free to play, and will remain in your Steam library forever. You’ll find a special reward for signing up after May 31, and details will be announced on the official Black Desert website. You can also make use of deleted accounts, which will become available for you after June 8, 2021 maintenance.

TRI (III) Boss gear

If you don’t have high-level gear and you want to fight bosses, the TRI (III) Boss gear is for you. This gear can be sold to NPC Vendors for 100 or 200 million silver, but it cannot be enhanced and cannot be sold on the Central Market. It’s also limited to 4 days.

Succession updates

In the new update, the Abandoned Monastery has been renewed with new enemies. You’ll find that the Shadow Knights of Calpheon have been corrupted by the evil forces of Kzarka. Certain underground areas have also received additional power boosts. As a result, you’ll be able to find more powerful monsters in the area. Furthermore, you’ll be able to find new outfits for Musa and Maehwa. The World Boss schedule in Black Desert SEA has also been updated, with the addition of new Shiny Rings. When you collect these, you can exchange them for Belongings of an Adventurer, which are then opened to claim an exclusive item.

Succession skills are also now available in Black Desert online. These new skills will allow you to use original weapons and Awakened kits, making them even more powerful than before. As a bonus, they’ll also grant you access to the Guardian class. This new class will be coming to Black Desert in November, and players who complete the pre-creation event will receive special items.

The update will also give Maehwa and Musa the next succession. It will also increase the prices of some junk items. This new update will be beneficial for players who love to fight monsters. The next maintenance is scheduled for Tuesday, December 24th. If you’re looking to purchase new gear, you can do so through the Steam Store.

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The new Succession updates fix a few problems. Previously, the fairy UI was displaying the key guide in an awkward way. In addition, the navigation path would not always route correctly when you were at sea. Another issue was that you couldn’t change your character’s skills in certain circumstances. Now, you can customize your skills at the Pearl Shop. In addition, the sign-up page has been improved to look better in a mobile setting.

Arena of Arsha 2020 class tournament registration

The Arena of Arsha 2020 Class Tournament is now open for registration. This event will allow players to set the rules for their class and compete against other players. The registration process will be done on the Black Desert SEA website. You can only register for one class per family. Once registered, you will be able to watch the event live on Twitch and YouTube. There are a lot of rewards available to those who participate, including the prize box and a large amount of pearls. During the preliminaries, you can still enjoy the Mystical Ellie’s Water Festival and get the Blooming Spring Pack.

The Arsha Trials will feature sixteen teams. These teams will play in four Round-robin sections. The points in each section are based on the number of rounds won by each team. In each match, time is taken, so if three teams tie, the losing team will be the one that took the most time in the game. The winning team will be the one with the most rounds won. If two teams tie after the first round, a sudden death one-match will determine who will move on to the next round.

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