GW2 Path Of Fire New Class Guide

GW2 Path Of Fire New Class Guide

Path of Fire will not add a new profession but will introduce new elite specialisations. Elementalists, for example, can become Weavers and weave elemental attacks across their target. Thieves can also become Deadeyes, gaining extra power when they crouch. Rangers will also have new abilities and pets that they can fuse with.


The Untamed is a new class that introduces a sickly hue to the ArenaNet classes. The Untamed has some similarities to the Engineer build, but focuses on a powerful knockdown skill. Its pet, which can follow the Untamed and swap its skills, also contributes to its versatility.

The Untamed can also use pet abilities to make their attacks stronger. They can use the pet to attack opponents and also to heal themselves. The pet will eventually go on cooldown, but can be swapped back to the player when the cooldown elapses. These pet abilities help the Untamed take advantage of disabled opponents.

The Untamed is an elite ranger specialization that focuses on damage dealing while balancing raw power between their pet and ranger. The Untamed is able to wield heavy weapons and channel the power of the forest, making it one of the most powerful classes in the game. Unleash is a mechanic unique to this class.


Chronomancers are a hybrid class, with unique strengths and weaknesses. Their primary focus is on dealing damage in conditions, but they also have other useful traits. In particular, they have a very high health pool and high vitality, but lack direct damage.

One of these skills, the signet of inspiration, is a key addition to the Chronomancer. This unique skill allows the player to create a copy of a particular boon and copy it for a specific period. Each time the player performs a’stunt’, a random boon is copied and applied for a short period. This can help increase quickness uptime, even when outside of combat.


Elementalists in GW2 Path Of Fire new class have a range of powerful skills and are suited for close-range combat. These classes use the power of the elements to deal damage to enemies and heal allies. Elementalists share similarities to Mages and Shamans, but differ in that they have elemental attunements, which allow them to change the skills of their weapons according to the element they are attuned to.

An Elementalist is able to manipulate the natural energies of Tyria, using bound Elements to tear enemies to shreds or heal allies. This new class can easily switch between Elemental attunements, making them very flexible. Their new class ability, Overload, allows them to quickly cast powerful AoE spells. For example, Overload Fire will turn a Tempest into a fiery tornado, Overload Water will turn the Tempest into a bubble, and Overload Air will summon a lightning storm.

In addition to their new class, Elementalists can switch between the Fire and Ice element. This new profession allows elementalists to use both fire and ice elements in their attacks, and they have the advantage of using both main and off-hand weapons. Additionally, they can take more damage than other classes. While Elementalists have the advantage of dual-elemental skills, they have a low learning curve and are easily defeated in team events.

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Unlike warriors, Rangers don’t have 80 armor, but they do have stances that increase their armor against elemental damage. Rangers can also use scythes and hammers, which are great for dealing high amounts of damage. Their high energy cost means they don’t have to use their health as much as some professions.

Soulbeast specialization has made rangers much more powerful when it comes to power DPS. They can also merge with pets in “Beastmode” to increase their power and ferocity. In addition to that, they can also earn new skills and stances that will increase their stats.

The Ranger uses the power of nature and survival tactics to defeat their enemies. They can also use bows and arrows to deal high amounts of damage. The Ranger’s pet will aid them in combat and will have its own special ability. The Ranger can have up to four pets. The primary pet will fight in battle with its owner, while the other two can be kept on standby to assist the ranger.

The Rangers are adept at using bows, but they can also use martial weapons and get in front of their pets. Their base health is medium. Druids, on the other hand, are more selfish and have the ability to enter Celestial Avatar to heal themselves. Rangers can also take their pets in their Battlemode party as Soulbeasts, which gives them extra abilities and a higher damage output.


Mesmers have a wide range of spells and skills that are useful for avoiding attacks. One of their abilities is confusion, which deals damage to an enemy when used. This skill can stack to increase its intensity. In addition, mesmers can now equip shields and axes.

This class has a unique role in a dungeon and can be a useful addition to any group. It is a deceptive and stealthy class that can teleport party members to safe areas and attack vulnerable points with its abilities. A skilled Mesmer can also rewind the cooldowns of abilities, making them an excellent choice for team-play.

A key to success as a Mesmer is focusing on their spell skills. These abilities are vital for surviving in a dungeon. They are powerful at using boons and conditions to do damage. However, these skills can only be used if you know how to use them properly. They should not be spammed.

A Mesmer can summon illusions that help them in combat. These illusions have two types: phantasms and clones. Phantasms are more powerful than clones and can be used to deal damage to an enemy.

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A necromancer can use a greatsword as his primary weapon. It has a low base durability, but is good for tanking and provides high direct damage. It also has a medium to high damage range. Its auto-attack is effective against enemies who have very low health, but is only useful in certain situations. Another advantage of this build is its high base toughness, which is ideal for tanks.

Necromancers can perform various damage tasks on enemies using their corruption skills. These skills cause multiple enemies to become afflicted with a condition. A skilled necromancer can convert these conditions into boons or consume them for health. In addition, necromancers can summon undead minions and command them with their wand. They also have several skills that enhance their damage output.

The Reaper’s Scepter has a very powerful AoE attack called Reaper’s Touch. It applies four stacks of condition damage to enemies in a wide area, and it provides five seconds of regeneration for your allies. This ability is a great tool in PvE, as the ability to regenerate life force is extremely helpful during condition heavy fights.


Guardians are an extremely versatile soldier class in Guild Wars 2. Their focus is on protecting allies and putting out massive amounts of damage, while their various virtues can be used to help other players or the team. This class is easy to level up and is one of the most durable in the game. However, once you reach high levels and get into end-game content, it can become quite difficult to play as a Guardian.

While guardians have a reputation for being the most durable class in GW2 Path of Fire, they have lower initial vitality. The class also offers a plethora of utility skills and elite skills. The first set of skills focus on pro-active defense and buffing allies while the second set focuses on condition removal and projectile defense. Guardians also have a variety of shouts and meditation skills that give them mobility and a positive effect on nearby allies.

In GW2 Path of Fire, there are nine different classes and professions to choose from. Each class has its own set of skills and weapons. These weapons are described below. Because this new class is so diverse, you might want to try a few of them before you commit to one. Regardless of what class you choose, the combat in Guild Wars 2 is just too amazing to pass up.

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