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If you’ve been waiting for the Shadowbringers expansion pack, you’ve come to the right place! You’ll find information on the Pre-order bonuses, Locations, Characters, and more! Read on to find out how to join the waiting list and start enjoying the game as soon as possible!

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers expansion pack

The Shadowbringers collector’s edition of Final Fantasy XIV will start selling in June 2019. The game is set on a parallel world to that of First and includes two playable races and an increased level cap. Additionally, Shadowbringers will introduce the ability to tag along with non-player AI characters.

Shadowbringers introduces the Viera race to Final Fantasy XIV. These rabbit-eared humanoid creatures will be familiar to those who’ve played Final Fantasy XII or Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. In the former, the main character Fran made an appearance in the Return to Ivalice raid. However, the Shadowbringers expansion will feature two new jobs.

The Shadowbringers collector’s edition of Final Fantasy XIV is a great way to get the game before anyone else. The game includes the game’s complete game as well as all expansion packs. This game has received many accolades and awards and has been a popular choice among gamers.

The game has experienced a tremendous spike in popularity, resulting in a long waiting list for the game’s Collector’s Edition. This has made it difficult to obtain a copy, but fans can still try their luck on the digital version of the game.

In addition to the Collector’s Edition, the game has several other features and new additions to its game. In addition, the game has new 8-man and 24-man Alliance Raids and a new guest creator. One of these new raids is inspired by the NieR RPG series, Nier. The eight-man Alliance Raid is similar but will feature a quest where players must restore other elements of the world’s light.

The game has become extremely popular with players from all over the world. There are already over two million registered players in Final Fantasy XIV. If you’re planning on getting the game but don’t want to wait for the collector’s edition, you can buy the game in early access for free.

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Pre-order bonuses

Several things stand out about the Shadowbringers Collector’s Edition. In addition to its new dungeons, the game will add Bicolor Gemstones as a new type of currency. It also introduces a new type of interrupt system, where players can receive additional rewards by completing certain side quests. These bonuses include FATEs and items that can be spent on crafting materials and orchestrion rolls.

The Shadowbringers Collector’s Edition will include a 23cm tall Dark Knight figure, as well as a Shadowbringers Art Book and Sticker Cling. It will also include the official Final Fantasy XIV Playing Card Deck. Shadowbringers is due for release on 2 July 2019, so fans who want to get in on the action early will be rewarded with early access to the new expansion.

This story follows an adventurer named the Warrior of Light, who is guided by a psychic disturbance. Their path leads them to a crystal that transports them into the First dimension. There, they discover the secret behind the Scions’ comas. Once they complete their quest, they’ll be taken to the Crystarium where the Crystal Exarch can reveal the cause of the Scions’ comas.

Another bonus of the Shadowbringers Collector’s Edition is its early access to Stormblood and Endwalker. You’ll need to pre-order the game in order to play these games, but you can also unlock a number of other bonuses. Getting a special copy of the game’s Endwalker expansion will unlock a whole new city, new threats, and a new playable plot series. If you’re not quite ready to pre-order it yet, you’ll find out more about this special bonus on the game’s website.


Shadowbringers is a role-playing game that takes place in the world of the First. In the game, you play as a warrior of light, who is guided by psychic disturbances. They seek to defeat an ancient dark god known as the Emet-Selch who is attempting to trigger a mirrored calamity on their home world. The game also features an increased level cap and the debut of two new playable races. In addition, the game introduces the ability to explore dungeons with non-playable “Trust” companions.

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Shadowbringers also introduces the Viera race to the Final Fantasy series. These rabbit-eared humanoids are familiar to those who played Final Fantasy XII and Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. Players may remember the protagonist of the game, Fran. She was a main party member in Final Fantasy XII and also made an appearance in the Return to Ivalice raid. The Viera are a female-only race, but they can be found in the game and can be a great addition to your party.


Among the many things to look forward to in the Shadowbringers collector’s edition are the new playable race and job. The expansion will also include a new alliance raid. Yosuke Saito and the creators of NieR: Automata are responsible for this exciting new franchise. New characters, such as the pixie Titania, will also be joining the fray.

Update schedule

If you’re interested in playing the latest Final Fantasy title, you may be wondering when the Shadowbringers Collector’s Edition will be released. The game will feature new races, including the Viera, a rabbit-eared humanoid race. You may recognize the Viera from Final Fantasy XII or Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. You’ll also be familiar with Fran, one of the main party members in Final Fantasy XII. She appeared in the Return to Ivalice raid. And unlike other races, the Viera are female-only.

The game is set in a parallel dimension where the player is trapped with old comrades. They are also pursued by a rogue force known as the Emet-Selch, whose goal is to unleash a mirrored calamity on the player’s home world. Among other features, the Shadowbringers Collector’s Edition features a higher level cap, new races, and the ability to explore dungeons with non-playable “Trust” companions.

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