Sea of Thieves – Where to Turn in Gifts and Earn Doubloons

Sea of Thieves - Where to Turn in Gifts and Earn Doubloons

If you are looking for ways to earn Doubloons and Gold in Sea of Thieves, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, you’ll discover where to turn in gifts and earn Doubloons. We’ll also talk about the Reaper’s Hideout and Humble Gifts.

Humble Gifts

The Sea of Thieves Humble Gift turn in point is located near the Wanderer’s Refuge, close to the Reaper’s Hideout. This place is also close to three different areas, one of which has lights on it. You can turn in generous gifts to your friends.

The amount of Doubloons you receive will depend on your ship’s Emissary Grade. Humble Gifts are also useful for purchasing Bilge Rat items from other Crews. There are several other ways to trade in Sea of Thieves. To exchange the Humble Gifts for rare items, you can use them to purchase them at the Servant of the Flame.

The Festival of Giving is also an excellent time to turn in Generous Gifts. This is a time for pirates to show their appreciation for their friends and family. In order to turn in Generous Gifts, you must first gain access to the docks. Once you do, you can sell your gifts for cash, which is easy to earn in the game.

You can also turn in Generous Gifts to the Reaper’s Hideout. This location is located in the southeast corner of the island. In return for the gift, you will receive 5 doubloons for each generous gift, and ten doubloons for each humble gift. Generous Gifts wash ashore on different voyages, but you must turn in the gifts at the Reaper’s Hideout before the festival ends.

Another way to turn in Gifts is to turn in Skeleton Forts. When clearing them, you can always expect to get at least a few Skeleton Treasure Maps that contain Gifts. In addition to these methods, Gifts can also wash up on Islands as you explore. Even though giving is not natural for some pirates, you can still sell these gifts for Doubloons.

Another method of selling gifts is to trade them with other pirates. This will help you get better rewards. Selling gifts to other players is a great way to show off your wealth and get ahead in the game.

Reaper’s Hideout

There are a variety of ways to turn in your Sea of Thieves Generous Gift. You can sell it for Doubloons to the Reaper’s Bones Trading Company, which will then reward you with Reputation and unlock titles and cosmetics. Reputation is also useful in getting better rewards in Sea of Thieves, such as access to higher-level voyages. You can also sell your Generous Gifts to other pirates to earn even more Doubloons.

The Festival of Giving event in Sea of Thieves adds several new features and quests, including Gift Seeker Voyages and a Maiden Voyage tutorial mode. Along with the new features, this event also brings holiday-themed content and lore. The Festival of Giving lore isn’t your typical holiday tale, however. Stitcher Jim wants to make sure that players deliver gifts to his beloved.

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In Sea of Thieves, you can trade your Gifts with other players, but you can also sell them to the right tradesperson. Some items, such as a Humble Gift, can only be sold to a specific tradesperson, so you should check with other players before selling them. Alternatively, you can sell them to the Servant of the Flame at the Reaper’s Hideout for Reputation and Doubloons. The rewards for selling a Gift are based on its value and quality.

A unique way to turn in gifts in Sea of Thieves is to sell them in a marketplace. You can buy and sell in-game items, such as clothing, weapons, and other items for real money. By selling your unwanted items, you can earn real cash, which you can then use to buy rare items for yourself or sell to other players.

The Festival of Giving in Sea of Thieves will run for two weeks, starting on December 13 and ending on December 27, the same time as Grogmanay. This new season in the popular pirate game is all about giving, sharing, and plundering presents. There are even new rewards to unlock during the Festival of Giving.

The new Festival of Giving update also adds more new items and features, including portable ammo crates. You can also now use a fire-fighting technique to put out a fire. The update is a massive update, and it weighs around 5.54GB on Xbox One and 8.59GB on Xbox One X. If you’re a new player to Sea of Thieves, now is the perfect time to check out the new update!


You can turn in gifts for doubloons in the Sea of Thieves. Generous Gifts have been washing up on the shores of the game, and pirates are wondering where to turn them in. There are two possible locations for turning in gifts, but both are hotly contested. The first location is a previously uncharted island. You’ll find the Masked Stranger in the center of the island.

The other way to turn in Sea of Thieves gifts is to trade them with other players. If you have a high enough reputation, you can sell these gifts to other pirates. This will give you a boost to your reputation and gain you more titles and cosmetics. You can also use these gifts to upgrade your ship and travel to higher levels.

The Reaper’s Bones Company also values these Humble Gifts, and will reward you with Doubloons and Reputation if you turn them in to them. You can also sell your Humble Gifts to the Servant of the Flame at The Reaper’s Hideout for Doubloons and Reputation. You can also place these gifts on a ship to gain Emissary Grade Reputation for it.

Sea of Thieves is a new pirate game that allows players to trade items with one another. The game is made up of open world maps and you can make friends in various areas. In addition to trading, you can also sell items, including clothing and weapons, to others. You can also sell other players’ Presents to earn money. You can even buy rare items in the game!

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The Festival of Giving is back in Sea of Thieves, and you can participate in it! The event is taking place on the 13th and 27th of December. During this time, you’ll be able to find more gifts and unlock more challenges. You’ll also be able to unlock some cosmetic items and a new bucket!

Black market

If you want to sell items in the Sea of Thieves game, there are several ways to do so. One unique way is to turn in gifts that you receive from other players. This system allows you to sell items that you already own, such as weapons, clothing, and coins. You can also sell items you don’t need, such as rare items.

Gifts in the Sea of Thieves game can be sold at the Reaper’s Bones Trading Company for Doubloons and Reputation, which will allow you to purchase more cosmetic items and titles, as well as higher level voyages. You can also sell gifts to other pirates to get better rewards. Moreover, if you’re an Emissary, you can receive a bonus in the form of Emissary Value.

There are two types of gifts in the game: Generous Gifts and Humble Gifts. Generous Gifts are worth 10 doubloons, while Humble Gifts only earn five doubloons. It’s a good idea to focus on collecting Generous Gifts and transferring them to your collector chests.

Alternatively, you can sell in-game items for real money, as long as they have some real-world value. The best place to sell these items is Buys & Sell, where members of the community sell their items for the best price. The prices here are often far better than on the official website of Sea of Thieves.

Aside from the Reaper’s Bones Company, you can also sell Humble Gifts to players to gain Doubloons and Reputation. There are three ways to sell a Humble Gift in the Sea of Thieves, each of which gives you a different advantage. You can sell them to other players or sell them to the correct tradesperson. The Reaper’s Bones Company also has a vault that you can find in Skeleton Fort.

The new Sea of Thieves update also brings a new event called Maiden Voyage. This tutorial mode gives new players a chance to learn more about sailing, docking, and battling skellies. You can also get access to new themed items at the Pirate Emporium. To read more about these updates, check out the official release notes.

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