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There are many differences between Sims 3 and Sims 4 in terms of the seasons. Some seasons affect your life in subtle ways while others have more obvious effects. For example, when it rains, puddles appear on the ground. During winter, the objects left outdoors are coated with snow. During autumn, the ground is colored with fallen leaves. The addition of new objects adds to the variety of life in the game, which features good attention to detail and excellent animation.

Lifetime rewards

Sims can get lifetime rewards by achieving certain goals. For example, playing the guitar in town will make your Sims sociable, while completing a celebrity charisma challenge will boost their status. These rewards are useful because they make it easier for Sims to reach various goals, like gaining muscle and losing weight.

You can also increase the quality of your Sim’s plants by buying the “Super Green Thumb” or “Carefree” traits. These traits will also increase your Sim’s chances of winning various Seasons activities. Moreover, having fun will increase your enjoyment faster, whereas being uninterested will decrease your fun rate. There are also some bonuses and enhancements that can make your Sim’s body look more attractive, like the Body Sculptor, which can make your Sim fat or skinny.

If you really want to earn more money, you should consider completing more tasks. In the game, you can also use cheats to make the game easier. By using cheats, you can remove negative moodlets and toilet use. This will allow you to complete your goals much quicker.

A Great Storyteller Reward will increase your Sim’s happiness after telling a story. This is especially helpful when telling group stories. If you’re telling the same story to several Sims, you’ll be able to move their relationship bars simultaneously. This is great for saving time and energy.

The Sims can also have multiple wishes at the same time. For example, they can wish to acquire a perfect fish. Or they can want to visit a day spa. Whatever the case, gaining a lifetime reward will help you to make them happier.

Weather effects

If you’re tired of the same old weather in Sims 3 seasons, it’s time to change the way the game treats the weather. Luckily, the game now has a weather control feature in its options menu. Weather effects are beautifully represented and are accompanied by convincing sound effects. In cold weather, bodies of water freeze over, tree branches wave, and frost covers windows. In addition, players can set their own weather patterns, allowing them to create different climates.

The Sims can also interact with the weather by getting the Polar Bear Club moodlet, which gives them immunity to cold for five hours. The Sims will likely experience thunderstorms and rain showers throughout the first part of the season, but there are also sunny days and food stands that will appear in various worlds. In addition, the first day of spring will see the melting of the snow from winter. The game will also introduce the pre-made holiday, Love Day.

The Sims will also experience heat waves during the summer season. While they may not actually suffer from heat, they may still sweat if the temperature is too high. Sims can avoid this by wearing light clothing and purchasing ice cream. They can also purchase the Heatproof trait if they have enough aspiration points.

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As mentioned above, the weather can affect the festivals held at the festival grounds. The Sims can also talk to broken snowmen. The Sims can also talk to the broken snowmen in winter. During the fall, the trees will change color from green to red or orange. This season can be rather unsettled, as the weather changes from sunny days to heavy rain.


Sims can now take part in new seasonal festivals, learn new recipes, and dress up for each season. New activities include building igloos, carving pumpkins, and taking part in a snowball fight. In addition, Sims can now participate in new outdoor games such as bob for apples. Sims can also experience changing weather effects and experience new creatures and objects.

Sims can also take part in snowboarding on half pipes, which will allow them to improve their snowboarding skills. Winter will also bring snow, allowing Sims to enjoy ice skating on frozen rivers and have snowball fights. Sims can even enjoy a free day of snow, a day off from work, and feast parties!

Summer has a large number of sunny days, but heavy rain can also occur. During summer, Sims can enjoy the new pool and diving boards available. They can also tan, which is great for boosting their athletic skills. Soccer shootouts are another way to raise Sims’ Athletic skill. In addition, they can earn a lot of tickets by participating in matches.

The Sims 3 Seasons expansion pack adds to the realism of the game by providing new activities. Since time in the virtual world is much faster than in the real world, players can engage in different activities during the same day. Spring is full of flowers, summer is about the beach, and autumn is all about Halloween, while winter is a time for snowball fights.

Seasonal festivals will be available to Sims living in custom worlds, as well as in store worlds. These festivals will change the world around them and provide new items and experiences. They will include greeting card booths and fun activities for Sims to partake in. Turning off the weather options won’t affect seasonal festivals, but disabling a specific season will skip over the version of the festival.


During the Sims 3 seasons, you can celebrate different holidays and do specific activities. Each holiday has specific traditions, which vary depending on your Sim’s Traits or random chance. These traditions will be listed in the holiday boxes, which will also give you hints on what to do during the particular holiday.

The first step is to make sure that your Sim’s calendar has the holiday you want. To do this, go to the calendar and click the orange Plus button on the left. This will open a dialog box where you can set the name of the holiday and any traditions. You can also go to the calendar and browse social events, such as a birthday party or a kava party.

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To participate in a holiday party, you’ll need to invite two friends to hangout with your Sim. You’ll also need to set up the Menorah and Kinara. Once this is done, you can start pranks on your Sims. You can choose the Mischief option and pick an item from a gift pile to prank the other Sims. However, be careful not to spoil the fun by spoiling the fun for everyone else!

The Sims will also celebrate Love Day, the Sims’ version of Valentine’s Day. The holiday will fall on a Thursday, and there will be plenty of activities to keep them busy. If you’re single, this is a good opportunity to meet someone new. Besides that, your Sim will also get a +10 moodlet for the day.

In addition to the traditional holiday days, you can also create new ones. There are a few floating holidays in Sims 3 that are based around mischief. Prank Day, for instance, is centered around mischief and can be enjoyed by both children and adults.

Create a Sim mode

In Sims 3 seasons, players can choose from several different traits that help them create a unique character. In addition to the new traits in Create A Sim, there are also new items and holidays to enjoy. In addition to clothing and accessories, players can also use new makeup items to make their Sims look more realistic.

The new seasons feature new weather settings and activities, and you can customize your Sim’s wardrobe to fit the season. You can even create intimate igloos and carve frightening Jack-o-lanterns. You can also set off new fireworks and take part in seasonal festivals. The new items and activities make creating a unique Sim experience even more satisfying. But the best part of this mode is the ability to create your own Sim and customize it to fit your style and preferences.

Creating a unique Sim is easier than ever before, and you can make your characters look exactly the way you want. The new store is easier to navigate, and it highlights the newest and most popular items, as well as promotions and freebies. New items are highlighted with a gold border, so that they’re easy to spot in the inventory.

The new game also includes a new feature called Online Dating. Sims can create a profile online and find a date. They can then shop and send letters, phone calls, and gifts to prospective dates. The new games also give players a new opportunity to woo Sims, including the ability to slow dance in the Winter’s Igloo or kiss under the mistletoe during the Fall season.

Players can also create their own pets. Players can choose body parts, skin colors, and behavior. Adding markings to their fur will give them unique characteristics. Some pets can even curse the Sims, if they have bad behavior.

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