Viscera Cleanup Detail Uprising Review

Viscera Cleanup Detail Uprising Review

Viscera Cleanup Detail is all about cleaning up messes. The game starts out with the message, “Something went wrong here.” The player is then given the task of cleaning it up. The graphics in the game look great, especially when you enter new areas. The game is also very fun to play.

Mission briefings

If you’re into first-person shooters or sci-fi movies, you may be interested in Viscera Cleanup Detail. In this game, you’ll work in a sanitization crew, eliminating viscera from victims’ bodies. You’ll also encounter messages written in blood. As the Cleanup Crew, your job will be to remove these messages before they become evidence for another player.


Viscera Cleanup Detail is a space station sanitation simulator that comes with split-screen co-op and online multiplayer modes. The controls are decent, although the Steam controller can become annoying after a few hours of play. However, the keyboard and mouse feel very good. There are also a number of repetitive motions, such as picking up objects and mopping the same area, which can be frustrating. Additionally, there are no hints to tell you how to progress.

The controls of Viscera Cleanup Detail aren’t difficult, but they do require that you have a few basic tools. You’ll need to mop and broom, pick up body parts, and clean walls. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and frustrated, so it’s vital to know how to keep yourself focused.


Graphics for Viscera Cleanup Detail Uprising are based on aftermath questions, with shout-outs, references to classic literature, sci-fi movies, and contemporary video games. The graphics are nice and the game looks good when you enter new areas or levels. The storyline follows the premise of cleaning up messes and re-establishing order.

The game’s controls are a mixed bag, with the Steam controller becoming frustrating after a couple of hours. The keyboard and mouse work well, though. The game requires repetitive motions when picking up items or mopping the same area. Players also don’t feel as if they have any agency in the game, as they are expected to clean up the mess and complete objectives quickly.

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Missions of Viscera Cleanup Detail is an action game starring a superspy named Lo Wang. The game features both the first and third-person perspective. In first-person, you must clean up bloody evidence left behind by the victims and killers. The second-person perspective offers more scope for exploration. While it doesn’t change the gameplay too much, it does allow for more cooperative play. You can work with a friend to get the job done faster.

The game is very entertaining, with fun graphics and wacky physics. It’s not for those who don’t like video games, though, as the game is slow and hard to master. The game features plenty of maps to explore, as well as many user-created maps.


Viscera Cleanup Detail is an Indie simulation game where you are the sanitation technician on a space station. You are tasked with cleaning up the messes left by a sci-fi horror event. To do this, you will use dispenser machines, plasma lasers, and sniffer tools.

You can use your Sniffer to clean up corpse parts that have been dripping blood. You can also use it to clean up cash that is scattered around the environment. This tool is accessible by pressing the ‘3’ key on your keyboard or right dpad on a controller. You can also adjust its accessibility in the options menu.

The first level requires players to enter the code 1111, but players should be aware of their surroundings when entering the numbers. If the number is in the correct position, the screen will briefly flash white. Then, load the Viscera Cleanup Detail main menu and select the “office” option. Once there, you should be able to see the map of the office. On the left side of the room is an open doorway, and a locked door on the right.

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The Sniffer can detect all types of garbage. It will detect jars, liners, and paper notes, as well as discarded body parts. Additionally, it will detect dynamite and other dirty containers. Using the Sniffer can even help you identify the owner of stray items.

Graphics in Viscera Cleanup Detail uprising

If you like first-person shooters, then you will love Viscera Cleanup Detail Uprising. This game takes place in an aerospace facility, where an uprising has taken place. In the aftermath, you must clean up the debris and replace the dead employees. In addition, the graphics are very impressive, especially when you enter a new area or level. But do be careful: Viscera Cleanup Detail has a very low tolerance for failure, so be prepared to be disappointed at times.

Viscera Cleanup Detail Uprising looks great when you enter a new area, but there are some areas in which the graphics could be better. The game also features very nice janitorial equipment, and you can clean up messes with simple tools. Among the tools you’ll need are mops, buckets of water, and biohazard bins. You’ll also have to search for body parts and fix walls.

Viscera Cleanup Detail Uprising has an engaging design, but the controls are a bit inconsistent. While the Steam controller is easy to use, you might find it frustrating after a few hours. However, the keyboard and mouse feel fine. There are some repetitive motions when picking up objects and mopping the same area, which is frustrating. It’s also disappointing to feel like the game doesn’t give you much agency and doesn’t give you any hints on where you’re going.

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